Speaker of the House Nabih Berri met this morning with Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, at the Presidential Palace. Talks touched on the conference of the Parliamentary Union of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Member States, Lebanese-Iranian relations, and an array of Arab and Islamic issues.

The Iranian President praised the role played by Speaker Berri, saying “Your role is appreciated and respected.”

“We are proud of the strong relations we have with Lebanon and the role you play in this context, and we are confident that Lebanon will witness greater stability and prosperity,” he said.

In the wake of the meeting, Berri said “I was honored to meet with the Iranian President, and it was a fruitful meeting. His Excellency praised the calm and reassuring situation in Lebanon, hoping that it would be long-lasting. Of course, there is great concern regarding the Arab and Islamic juncture, and this has been the center of our discussion.”

Berri had met earlier with Speaker of the Iranian Shura Council, Dr. Ali Larijani, with talks touching on the current situation in the region and the work of the Parliamentary Union of OIC Member States.

The pair stressed “the need to take into account all the threats posed by Israel and Donald Trump’s administration,” and upped calls on Muslims to unite so as to confront and thwart all conspiracies to sow strife and discord among them.”

“We hope the conference’s decision would at the size of the event, but what is more important is the way these decisions are executed,” Berri said in the wake of the meeting.

Berri tackled with Larijani the parliamentary situation and “Lebanon’s readiness to train all the Arab and Islamic parliaments that wish to be trained, and its willingness to participate in international forums.”

The Speaker also met in the afternoon with Advisor to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Ali Khamenei, Dr. Ali Velayati.

Velayati welcomed Berri, saying “We do not regard you as a guest; you are here in your country. We respect you very much, since the birth of the Islamic Revolution. You have played a major role in laying the foundations of resistance in Lebanon,” praising the “distinctive” role played by the Amal movement in confronting the Israeli enemy.

He also underscored the “cooperation between Amal and Hezbollah, and the strengthening of resistance and national unity, as Lebanon has become the pride of the region as it enjoys the most calm and stability.”

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has always been and remains the heart of the resistance.” Berri stressed, in turn, underlining “the depth of the brotherly relations between Amal and Hezbollah, which has become a model to follow.”

“Today, we are in dire need for unity, not only in Lebanon, but in the entire Arab and Islamic world, because the plot is too great and its aims to pass the deal of the era which is the realization of the project of Shimon Peres,” he concluded.

Source: National News Agency