Future bloc on Tuesday convened at the Center House under the chairmanship of bloc head Fouad Siniora, to address the overall situation in the country.

In a statement issued in the wake of the periodic meeting, the bloc hailed the Biel electoral festival called forth by the Future Movement, deeming it as a national event.

The bloc heaped praise on the electoral program announced at the Biel Festival and the names of the selected candidates running on the Future Movement’s list in the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

On the other hand, the bloc wished Prime Minister Saad Hariri success at the Rome II Conference in support of the army and the Lebanese security forces, hoping that this conferences would be an opportunity to demonstrate the commitment of the international community and the Arab brethrens to support the Lebanese state and its institutions, as well as Lebanon’s economy and stability.

Future bloc also welcomed the declaration of President of the Republic Michel Aoun that the national defense strategy would be on-the-table after the parliamentary elections.

The bloc deemed this declaration as a “step towards strengthening the state and its institutions and resolving the arms’ issue within the framework of national consensus which maintains the country’s sovereignty and stability.”

Moreover, the bloc hailed the government’s endorsement of the 2018 draft state budget, saying such an endorsement contributes to restoring the regularity of public finances.

The Bloc also considered that the passing of 2018 budget shall contribute to anchoring some reforms in support of efforts to promote economic and financial stability in Lebanon and pave the way for the success of the government’s investment programs forwarded to the international conference to be held in Paris.

Source: National News Agency