Lebanese Forces Party Chief Samir Geagea considered that some sides are trying to isolate his Party in order to prevent the rise of the state in Lebanon, while stressing that LF shall succeed nevertheless.

“Some are trying to isolate the Lebanese Forces…some do not want the establishment of a state in Lebanon…and some want to remain within a farm state while the rest want corruption to continue in institutions, and therefore, LF’s performance is not suitable for their projects and goals…But in the end, the Lebanese Forces will succeed,” said Geagea.

Speaking during a dinner banquet he hosted in Me’rab for Bsharre’s prominent figures on Friday, Geagea urged citizens of Bsharre to vote heavily in the upcoming elections, and to help as much as possible in the Baalbek-Hermel electoral battle.

“The results of our work and our efforts may appear at a later stage, but ultimately, even if we are tired and have to wait a little, truth will be evident in the end because humans breathe freedom and dignity,” said Geagea.

“Bsharre can only be for the Lebanese Forces,” he stressed.

The LF Chief deemed that his Party is undergoing a huge electoral battle at the national level with two axes, namely the rise of the State on one hand and combating of corruption on the other hand.

Source: National News Agency