The Lebanese Parliament speaker, urged on Tuesday, all Islamic countries, to relocate their embassies to Jerusalem, IRAN DAILY reported.

“I urge all Islamic countries to relocate their embassies to the holy city of Al Quds (Jerusalem), and boycott Israeli goods,” Nabih Berri said, at the 13th session of the Parliamentary Union of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), in the Iranian capital, Tehran.

Since U.S. President, Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a number of Palestinians protesting the declaration have been killed, and thousands more arrested, Berri was quoted as saying.

“So, I insist that we as Arab and Muslim nations should take a retrospective measure against such an shameful decision,” he noted.

“The U.S. plan to relocate its embassy has caused a great challenge for us, as it is a decision contradicting all the conventions of the United Nations,” Berri said.

Last Dec Trump announced his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and instructed the State Department to begin the process of moving the U.S. embassy, from Tel Aviv to the holy city.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry, strongly condemned the U.S. decision, saying, Washington’s recognition was a “blatant violation of international resolutions.”

Source: NAM News Network