Lebanese President, Michel Aoun, opened the cabinet session by congratulating Lebanese women, on International Women’s Day, praising their role in the intellectual, social, humanitarian, political and economic fields.

Aoun paid a special tribute to Minister Inaya Ezzedine, “the only woman in the government,” underscoring her key role and her appreciated efforts.

The President accordingly noted that, “the number of women who have filed candidacy for the elections has reached 111,” wishing success to them all.

Tackling his Armenia and Iraq visits, the President deemed both of them successful politically and economically, “as we sensed a full commitment to supporting Lebanon and participating in the conferences to be held in Rome, Paris and Brussels. We agreed on a series of measures that would facilitate the process of reconstruction of Iraq. Channels of cooperation are open between Lebanon and each of the two countries.”

President Aoun tackled the issue of the draft budget for the year 2018, assuring that it was close to completion.

Pertaining to the parliamentary elections, he noted that the basic preparations have been completed “and we are looking forward to doing the finishing touches, so as to achieve full readiness on the date set for the elections.”

President Aoun spoke at length about the reality of electricity, and briefed the Cabinet on a detailed report he read before them on the reality of electricity in Lebanon and the deficit caused by the public finances and the rise in public debt, explaining in detail the real cost of energy production and the solutions that are supposed to be adopted.

Addressing the Council of Ministers, Prime Minister Hariri displayed the outcome of his visit to Saudi Arabia, which he described as “very positive,” saying “the Kingdom would participate in the conferences of Rome, Paris and Brussels.”

PM Hariri pointed out that, “the Rome conference will be held next week and three weeks later, the Paris conference will take place, and work is underway to complete the paper that Lebanon will submit to the Cedar. The economic team tasked with this paper has listened to the views of most political blocs and all their observations. “

Tackling the budget, he said, “The meeting to be held at the Serail tomorrow, aims at doing a final reading of the budget. If done, it will finally be submitted to the cabinet, either on Friday or early next week.”

Source: NAM News Network