New Protests In Lebanon As Hariri Backs Businessman Khatib For PM

BEIRUT, New protests erupted in Lebanon on Tuesday, following caretaker Prime Minister, Saad Hariri’s announcement, to support businessman, Samir Khatib, as the next prime minister.

Everybody is working to overcome the current difficulties, but there are still a few details that need to be tackled, Hariri said, following his meeting with Progressive Socialist Party Leader, Walid Jumblatt.

Hariri also said he would only nominate experts, not politicians, for the new cabinet.

Following Hariri’s announcement to support Khatib, some Lebanese took to the streets to voice their anger, blocking roads in regions, including Beirut and Bekaa.

The protesters, some, who gathered outside Khatib’s house in Beirut, accused Khatib, the executive vice president of engineering firm Khatib and Alami, of being involved in corruption, related to government projects.

Hariri submitted his resignation on Oct 29, after 12 days of nationwide protests against his government.

The protesters demand a complete change of the political system, to eliminate corruption and provide basic services to citizens.

Source: Nam News Network