Lebanon was struck by a virus thirty years ago, one of theft, corruption, lack of responsibility and chaos. There is an opportunity with the current government, because its success or failure will be reflected on everyone, and failure will add to the crisis…There are political forces, figures, and parties working, betting, and trying to thwart the government’s work, to prove that it has been unable to do anything…The Lebanese want a solution to their held deposits in banks, the high prices and scarce job opportunities in the country,” said Member of the “Loyalty to the Resistance” Parliamentary Bloc, MP Hassan Fadlallah, on Sunday.

Speaking to a popular crowd during a political gathering organized by Hezbollah in the region of Iqlim el-Tuffah earlier today, Fadlallah noted that “the government’s success is a success for the country as a whole, but there are obstacles that stand in the way of solutions. The government, which is responsible for public funds, is forbidden from knowing the Central Bank’s exact holdings…whereas in no country in the world has an official authority withheld information from the President of the Republic, the Government, and the Parliament Council, and this requires the government to take measures to solve this problem.”

“Until this moment, we have not received the correct data about the money transfers abroad; and the judiciary can, through its authority guaranteed by the Constitution and the law, to make an accurate tracking of all transfers made by presidents, ministers, parliament members, heads of security apparatuses, and senior current and former employees and contractors in the state…It can contact external countries, inquiring about these names and the money in their possession abroad, and conduct an investigation to reach the end,” Fadlallah went on. “Otherwise, who would take such measures if the judiciary does not move?” he questioned.

In a word on the arising Coronavirus issue, the MP deemed that “everyone is required to cooperate with the official authorities concerned, and deal with the matter as in all countries that have institutions and governments.”

“In the Corona file, moral and human standards must be the starting point for all speech, but unfortunately in the past two days we have heard political and media words that are outside all human and moral standards, and this condemns those with sick minds whose hearts have been inflicted with an ethical corona,” Fadlallah added regretfully.

Source: National News Agency