Owners of gas stations go on open strike pending new price structure

The owners of gas stations across Lebanon went on an open strike on Thursday; consequently, all the gas stations have been closed today up and down the country.

Thus, Lebanon has entered an open gas trade crisis pending the fulfillment of the gas sector’s demands to issue a price structure that goes in line with the current price of the USD — in a way which would do justice to all workers in the sector, including import and distribution companies, as well gas sale stations and tanker owners.

In the same vein, a statement issued by the unions of tankers, gas stations, and fuel distributors said that the sector had reached a deadlock in light of its discovery that it would be impossible to get a 100% coverage of the import gas price in USD instead of the already covered 85%, as well as in light of the fact that the state would not deduct the 15% difference it collects in tax for each gasoline unit.

“After suffering massive losses over the last month and a half, we stand before two options: either declaring complete closure or bankruptcy, or having the Ministry of Energy and Water, in its capacity as the guardian of our sector, adjust the price structure of shares among gas stations and distribution and transportation companies. This should happen in tandem with the increasing price of the USD in a bid to provide realistic profits that cover the 15% difference,” the statement explained.

Source: National News Agency