Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Bechara Boutros Rahi criticized on Sunday the practices of Lebanese politicians, considering that “they disrupt the productive work in the Parliament, government and administrations.”

“Political officials are not entitled to continue in a situation of uncertainty and fear of the other, with sharp differences on the simplest matters, rivalry, mutual accusations and heated debates,” Rahi said during Sunday’s Mass service in Bkirki.

“No one has the right to monopolize the national decision and impose it on others, to encroach on the law and block the judicial decisions, and to block the roads, allowing the hegemony of influential and armed men,” the Patriarch added.

Rahi went on to say that these actions do not reflect the image of democratic Lebanon that is characterized by pluralism and unity, human rights and the promotion of modern civilization.

“Lebanon is a country of Christian-Muslim interaction, from which stems its distinguished identity,” he added.

The Patriarch explained that “Lebanon does not consist of two opposing lines that do not converge, but rather of two different lines that meet in national unity.”

“These are the essential elements of the formation of a civil status in Lebanon, a state where the people are the source of power, not religion…A state founded on human rights, regardless of religious affiliation, race or social status…A state that does not go against religion and divine texts, but is inspired by human, moral and social principles…A state whose national pact is inherent to the essence of the Constitution,” Rahi concluded.

Source: National News Agency