AlRahi calls for approving draft budget, ending waste expenditure and corruption, ceasing interference in state administrations and judiciary

Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Bechara Boutros Al-Rahi, urged Sunday the members of Parliament to speed-up the endorsement of the annual draft budget and to work on ending waste expenditure and corruption in the country.

Additionally, he highlighted the need to stop all interferences in the state’s administrations and judiciary, and to develop a plan for economic advancement and structural reform.

Al-Rahi added that the country’s political leaders ought to find the best ways to secure public goodness by competing in coming-up with suitable choices, rather than engaging in a vicious verbal battle that only fuels strife and sectarian spirit, triggers an atmosphere of tension and undermines mutual trust, cooperation and respect for law and justice.

Patriarch Al-Rahi’s words came as he presided over Sunday Mass at the Basilica of “Our Lady of Lebanon” in Harissa marking the Feast of Pentecost, coinciding with the 29th anniversary of Tele LumiAre and the 18th anniversary of Noursat, alongside the launching of their satellite channels’ group.

“Every time Lebanon reached the brink of political, security and financial abyss, the hidden hand of the Virgin Mary protected it and prevented its downfall,” said the Patriarch, referring to the Virgin’s call on all political leaders of Lebanon in particular, and citizens in general, to demonstrate solidarity, unity of efforts and cooperation to protect their homeland.

Al-Rahi commended the valuable contributions of both Christian TV Channels in adhering to the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Church, respecting other religious beliefs, addressing various issues of life in light of the Gospel and promoting the building of a culture of love and peace throughout the world and working together for a free and dignified human being. He added that both Stations strive to make their programs an essential means of disseminating Christian, human, ethical, cultural, artistic and national values and principles.

The Patriarch concluded by renewing the dedication of Lebanon and the countries of the Middle East to the pure heart of the Virgin Mary, raising prayers to the Lord Almighty to bless the region and its inhabitants so that they may all enjoy complete salvation on Earth and in Heaven.

Source: National News Agency