Aoun: Government formation renewal of trust in the country

President Michel Aoun on Friday said that the formation of the new government was tantamount to renewing trust in the country after the disruption that occurred due to the delay of the related process.

“This formation has revived the financial markets, especially those of the Lebanese sovereign USD bonds, which have reached their highest levels since July 2018,” Aoun said during his meeting with a delegation of the new board of directors of al-Makassed association, at Baabda palace.

“We will work on restoring trust in Lebanon, because what we have been through during the formation crisis might have taught us a lesson,” he underlined.

Moreover, Aoun tackled the achievements that had been made, starting from stability and security after defeating and expelling terrorists, the drop in the bank robbery and abduction rates, not to mention the dismantlement of terror rings, the reorganization of institutions and the endorsement of a new election law, in addition to the contracts concluded in terms of oil exploration.

“What we will work on as of today will be in resumption of what has been already accomplished at the economic and financial levels, in addition to treating the refugee crisis and fighting corruption,” he added.

Source: National News Agency