Firouzina from Baalbek: Iran ready to support Lebanese Army as it supports Resistance

The Imam Khomeini Cultural Center in Baalbek organized a cultural and political symposium on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the victory of the revolution in Iran, with the participation of Iran’s Ambassador to Lebanon, Mohammad Jalal Firouzania, and the legal representative of Imam Khamenei in Lebanon Sheikh Mohammed Yazbek, as well as ranking dignitaries.

Ambassador Firouzina delivered a word on the occasion whereby he stated that “after the words of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on the revolution and its achievements, victories and role in the region and the world, there is no room for any addition.”

“We reiterate every word he said, and will follow up on all the subjects he raised, especially in terms of Lebanese-Iranian relations. We are ready to work on developing these relations in all fields, and are willing to support the Lebanese army as we support the resistance. Moreover, we are tackling the electricity, trade, health and industry files together with the new government in Lebanon, and we hope to reach results for the benefit of the two countries and two brotherly peoples,” the Iranian ambassador said.

He stressed that “the Islamic Republic of Iran pursues its positive and constructive role in the region without fear, believing in the need to establish security and stability in the region.’

“The United States will spare no effort to have a foothold and to intervene in the affairs of the region and its people, in an effort to implement its agenda and objectives, primarily looting the wealth of the region, mainly its oil, gas and mines, and securing its interests and those of the Zionit entity,” he stressed.

“We are proud of our relations with Lebanon, its people, its leadership and its courageous resistance. We highly appreciate the role of the Lebanese resistance and the Lebanese army in confronting the Israeli threats and aggressions. We also support the Palestinian people and their heroic resistance to achieve all their just and legitimate demands of forming an independent Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its capital,” the ambassador concluded.

Source: National News Agency