The LAF Commander General Joseph Aoun addressed the Order of the day to the troops


Fellow troops


The resistance and Liberation Day gains a deeper and more significant meaning this year in light of the huge challenges that Lebanon is facing. We reminisce the importance of this historic achievement that is part of our patriotic memory when the Israeli enemy was vanquished, its prestige smashed, and its army defeated and driven out of the larger part of our territories. It is an achievement that wouldn’t have seen the light has it not been for the steadfastness and resistance of our people and the insistence on the right to liberate all our land. On the 20th Anniversary of this landmark achievement, we reiterate once again our right to complete this accomplishment by recovering the farms of Chebaa, the hills of Kfarshouba, the northern part of the Ghajar town and in the territories with regard to which Lebanon maintains a claim. We retain the right to confront the Israeli enemy’s schemes and its persistent breaches of our national sovereignty. We are equally determined to confront these exceptional circumstances during this critical period of time, particularly the repercussions of the economic and social crisis as well as the difficulties that coronavirus imposed on us.


Fellow troops


You have remained loyal to your vow and took upon yourselves the task of protecting civil peace hand in hand with the other security agencies. You devoted yourselves to fulfill all your duties starting with your efficient contribution to the efforts aimed at raising awareness in terms of the medical situation. You dealt with the demonstrations by taking the proper security measures while respecting freedom of opinion, expression and peaceful assembly.


You have achieved all these targets in parallel with keeping peace and stability at the southern border in cooperation with the UNIFIL to implement resolution 1701in all its clauses, controlling the northern and eastern border while investing all efforts in terms of fighting terrorism despite the meager resources.


Fellow troops


I am well aware of the magnitude of the sacrifices you are making and the tremendous efforts you are exerting in these difficult times. However, I am confident that these challenges will only increase the level of your determination and coherence for you have committed yourselves to serve your country, defending it against all dangers by following the footsteps of the veterans and your martyr and wounded comrades who made the ultimate sacrifice.


In the Resistance and Liberation Day, I call upon you to act with extreme vigilance and readiness for Lebanon deserves our sacrifices.


Source: National News Agency

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