The Armed Forces Commander, General Joseph Aoun, inaugurated the “Arsal Martyrs Road”; a 12 km path that forms a link between the military posts in the area. It also allows the owners of lands in rugged areas better access to those lands, and thus better investment in them.




During a meeting with the families of the martyrs and the town’s inhabitants, the Army Chief delivered a speech in which he recalled “the sacrifices of the martyrs of the military institution.”


He pointed out that “Arsal suffered from terrorism, which negatively affected the lives of its sons, who lost their livelihood. The town stood by the military institution in the face of terrorist organizations, up to the Battle of Fajr al-Jouroud in 2017.”




“The LAF is strongly present in this region and along the entire eastern border, and will always remain faithful to its pledge to protect and defend all citizens, regardless of the sacrifices,” he stressed.


Source: National News Agency

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