Bano to Radio Lebanon: October 13th a painful commemoration, 2020 budget to include an economic vision and reforms

Strong Lebanon” Bloc Member, MP Antoine Bano, described the “October 13” commemoration as “painful”, saying: “It is a black day in the history of Lebanon, and the reason for the fall of the martyrs to prevent the occupier from occupying our land and controlling us. It is a black day and the sacrifices were huge…and we must not forget the martyrs who lost their lives so that we would persist, and so that we would return to Baabda Palace…!”

Speaking in an interview with Radio Lebanon earlier today, Bano appealed to the people to widely participate in marking the “October 13” commemoration in honor of the fallen martyrs.

At the economic level, the MP stressed the need for the 2020 annual state budget to include an economic vision and reforms, since the country is at a stage that calls for immediate rescue measures.

He added that “the relationship with Syria and the need for holding dialogue with it in the files of the displaced and the economy, are a key crossing to opening Lebanon’s markets to the outside.”

Bano pointed out that President Michel Aoun continues to refer, in all his addresses, to the issues of corruption and the displaced. “The best solution is initiating dialogue to open the border crossings,” he reiterated.

Source: National News Agency