Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Gibran Bassil met Sunday with a number of Lebanese expatriates in the Great Hall of St. Charbel’s Monastery in Sydney, calling on them to participate heavily in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

“I invite you to participate in the elections on three bases: First, to partake intensively in order to claim your rights…and to choose the best for you and for Lebanon. Second, you must pass your experience of the Australian elections to Lebanon based on work and reliable programs…and not on sectarian, doctrinal or regional instincts. Third, to vote freely because you are outside any influence,” Bassil said to expatriates.

He added that endorsing the Lebanese expatriates’ right to vote from abroad was an accomplishment for everyone.

“I am happy to be in Sydney, which achieved the highest number of registered voters for the election, exceeding 9,000 Lebanese voters,” Bassil indicated.

The minister also called on those who missed the chance to register their names “to visit Lebanon for the elections on May 6.”

He deemed that the upcoming elections “denote the dividing line between the state of reconciliation under the Constitution and the state of settlements at the expense of the law.”

“These elections are for the rejection of resettlement and the establishment of identity, and a battle to approve large-scale projects of electricity, oil, dams, roads, railways and developing the economy…,” Bassil stressed.

He concluded by saying, “We will not allow them to replace you with either displaced or refugees.”

Source: National News Agency