Chidiac inaugurates workshop on partnership between public and private sectors, stresses need for structural reforms

Minister of State for Administrative Development Affairs, Dr. May Chidiac, on Tuesday inaugurated a workshop entitled “Partnership between Private and Public Sectors and Opportunities they Provide,” dedicated to directors general and Board Chairmen of public institutions and independent authorities.

In her delivered word, Minister Chidiac underlined the substantial need to focus on productive sectors with high added value, and to build a distinct human capital that meets the future economic needs and ensures an effective government. supported by policies of macro-discipline, ie financial and monetary, as well as an open economy.

Chidiac added that discussing and approving 2020 state budget should be accompanied by a set of large-scale reform steps, which will curb the deterioration and restore gradually Lebanon’s financial and economic recovery.

“Privatization of some state administrations and sectors must be at the heart of these reforms,” Chidiac corroborated.

The Minister underscored the paramount need for structural reforms, stressing the importance of achieving complementarity between the work of the private and public sectors to provide together the best quality of services to citizens.

Source: National News Agency