NNA – Caretaker Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Muhammad Fahmy, toured the border crossing points and the line extending from the north to the Bekaa, to inspect the crossings and the areas used for smuggling in these two areas.

Fahmy began his northern tour on board a military helicopter that landed at the army’s first border regiment command center in the town of Shedra, Akkar district, and listened to a detailed explanation from the regiment commander, Colonel Milad Saliba, about the military situation, the conditions of the legal crossing points, and the illegal routes currently existing at the Lebanese-Syrian borders.

He also met with the leadership of the regiment, praising the “role of the army in maintaining security in the region,” and wishing the regiment’s command success in its tasks to protect citizens, preserve the sovereignty of Lebanon and preserve its security and stability.

The Caretaker Minister praised the army’s cooperation with the security services to control borders and re-broadcast the damages caused by the culture of smuggling, saying: “Here comes the state’s responsibility to revitalize the economy in all regions, especially the borders, because smuggling is a chronic problem dating back to before 1975.”

Then, Fahmy visited the watchtower with the officers of the regiment at the Lebanese-Syrian border in Shedra to explore the reality of the area closely.

After that, he went by military helicopter to the Bekaa region to inspect the crossings and the places where smuggling operations are active, where he met with officers from the leadership of the second border regiment, and heard from the regiment commander, Colonel Muhammad Dahboul, a detailed explanation about the security and military situation and the status of the crossings.

The tour was concluded by inspecting the army’s control tower in the Mastaba area in the highlands of al-Qaa – Hermel.



Source: National News Agency-Lebanon

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