Former Prime Ministers Najib Mikati, Fouad Siniora, Saad Hariri and Tammam Salam held a meeting on Wednesday afternoon at the Center House during which they discussed the current situation in the country.


They congratulated the Lebanese in general and the Muslims in particular on the blessed Eid Al-Fitr. They expressed their hope that the coming days will bear the promise of a breakthrough in terms of the decline of the corona pandemic and the achievement of tangible progress on the paths of real reform efforts in order to alleviate the financial and socio-economic hardship that Lebanon is facing.


The former Prime Ministers issued the following statement, read by Premier Siniora:


“First: The Lebanese government is required to immediately adopt the essential and required reforms at the political, sectoral, financial, monetary, administrative and social levels, which can help restore confidence in the Lebanese state and its administrations and institutions so that it can obtain the support that Lebanon needs to overpass the proliferating impasses, especially since the state has recently entered into negotiations with international institutions in this regard. Undoubtedly, the first of these reforms will be to accelerate the issuance of the judicial nominations that were unanimously approved by the Supreme Judicial Council and submitted to the government, and the unjustified delay in issuing them remains.


Also, one of the first reforms that need to be approved are those related to the projects of the CEDRE conference, which would encourage Arab and international institutions as well as brotherly and friendly countries to provide assistance to Lebanon.


At the forefront is the serious work on reforming the electricity sector, responsible for the accumulation of more than half of the Lebanese public debt. The reform will be through the application of Law No. 462/2002, and the appointment of the regulatory body for this sector, and the appointment of a new board of directors for Electricite Du Liban. This should be strictly based on a transparent and competitive appointment mechanism that emphasizes the adoption of the criteria of merit in a manner that enhances confidence that those who will be chosen for leadership positions in the Lebanese administration are qualified and praiseworthy.


Second: The National Pact and the National Accord document are an honest, reasonable, and enlightened expression of the long-standing relationship between Christians and Muslims, based on the supremacy of the overarching idea of coexistence, in a way that affirms the development of a democratic parliamentary system in Lebanon that is based on the principle of national partnership and respect of the particularities of all parties.


Therefore, the Prime Ministers condemn the remarks that targeted the Taif Agreement, which has become the constitution of the Lebanese Republic, and fosters the formula and existence of Lebanon. They consider that these dangerous remarks, at this historical moment, whether in terms of abolishing the entity or going towards federalism, threaten the Lebanese national security at a time when Lebanon and the Lebanese urgently need solidarity to face the difficulties and calamities and get out of the accumulated and growing crises.


Consequently, what is required is to work to enhance the authority and credibility of the Lebanese state and its full authority over all its lands and institutions, not weaken it, nor deny its great national experience.


Third: The Prime Ministers considered that what is required now and more than ever is to adhere to the Taif constitution and work to develop a new electoral law that goes beyond the negative aspects of the current law, which led the country into a tensed sectarian atmosphere.


The crisis that the country is going through is extremely difficult and dangerous. Everyone should show high national responsibility and attachment to civil and national peace, and march without hesitation towards restoring the confidence of the Lebanese and the Arab and international communities”.


Hamade and Allouch


Hariri also received at the Center House former Minister, MP Marwan Hamade, and discussed with him the latest developments. He also met with the Future Movement Political Bureau member, former MP Mustafa Alloush, and discussed with him issues related to Tripoli and the Future Movement. –Hariri Press Office


Source: National News Agency

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