Lebanese Forces’ leader, Samir Geagea, affirmed that “serious solutions to the crisis we are facing are either through forming a new government or by going to early parliamentary elections or both. What is happening today is completely different from these solutions, as they are still forming the government in the same way as they used to form governments in the past, and they refuse to go to early parliamentary elections. ”


Geagea, whose words came during a political meeting in Bcharre, expressed his regret that things would deteriorate further.


“As a result, the Central Bank would stop subsidizing basic materials, which would lead to an increase in the prices of fuel, wheat products and medicines, especially that the economic cycle in the country is almost completely paralyzed,” Geagea noted.


Finally, Geagea regretted the “lack of good news at the national level, but despite all the darkness, there are still possibilities for rescue in Lebanon by introducing a new political authority that takes the country out of the crisis and moves it in the right direction towards the Lebanon we all want.”


Source: National News Agency

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