Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri asserted Saturday that his sole concern is “to continue the policy of protecting Lebanon and the Lebanese from the ramifications, fires and wars of the region, and to do everything possible to revive the economy, provide job opportunities for the youth and work to solve the electricity, water and waste problems.”

In this context, Hariri disclosed that the electricity dossier would be on the Council of Ministers’ work agenda soon, in order to decide on a suitable solution “since it is not permissible for the electricity problem to continue as is, draining both the citizen and the State’s treasury for the interest of a few benefiting sides,” he noted.

Addressing a delegation of Beiruti families who visited him at the “House of Center” yesterday, Hariri vowed to continue the march of his late father, Martyr PM Rafic Hariri, with their help and support, a march “aimed at improving the country and the living standards of its citizens,” he said.

“Martyr Rafic Hariri always took the path of dialogue to solve problems and was able to reach outstanding achievements in the process of reconstruction, overcoming the repercussions of the civil war and activating the economic cycle…and we are continuing with this policy that is ultimately aimed at solving the problems and facing the many challenges that await us,” Hariri underscored.

“We are going to hold the parliamentary elections early next May, which are important because they will determine the shape of the new parliament and the future political course of Lebanon. Your intense participation is a national responsibility at this stage. It is the duty of every Beruti to protect the decision of the capital, refusing to hand over this decision to any other options, which only aim at weakening Beirut and crossing out its role from the Lebanese political map,” Hariri concluded.

Source: National News Agency