Director General of Public Security, Major General Abbas Ibrahim, delivered a word Saturday on the occasion of Lebanon’s seventy-seventh Independence Day, indicating that “the 77th anniversary of Independence Day this year coincides with the centenary of Greater Lebanon, which is facing advanced crises that have left the Lebanese anxious and afraid for their fate, their future and their country. Yet, despite all that, eyes remain pinned on the security institutions, the symbol of independence, to ensure peace and stability, awaiting the crossing from the current and exceptional situation in every sense of the word into a modern and developed state.”


“Therefore, you are required to act according to the inspiration of your oath, and in every work you do, embody the slogan of your organization, which is based on two factors: sacrifice and service,” Ibrahim added in his address to the security officers.


“Your security and administrative duties within the framework of the Directorate’s deployment at land, sea and air borders, is a trust that you undertake in defense of Lebanon, in confrontation of its enemies and in protection of its people against regional and international changes that may alter the face of the region. Therefore, your steadfastness, your values and your oath is a guarantee for the survival and resurgence of Lebanon to take its place among the countries as the Lebanese deserve,” he went on.


“The economic conditions and hardships that you suffer are the same as those experienced by the people of your country, and this will not compromise your determination or commitment in the highest standards of transparency and professionalism. There is no corruption that can infiltrate or afflict you, and any legal or behavioral violation will end with the perpetrator appearing before the law,” Ibrahim stressed.


Finally, the Public Security Chief called on the officers to exert more efforts and sacrifices in the service of Lebanese citizens and the country’s residents.

Source: National News Agency

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