Lebanon’s House Speaker Will Not Allow Country To Fall Apart

BEIRUT, Lebanon, Lebanese House Speaker, Nabih Berri, said that, he will not allow any event to divide the Lebanese and destroy the country.

Everybody should be keen on preserving political, financial and security stability in the country, Berri was quoted as saying, during his weekly meeting with members of parliament from the Amal Movement.

Berri’s remarks came, amid prevailing political paralysis in the country, as the cabinet has not met since June 27, three days before a security incident taking place in Aley, killing two men, escorting Minister of State for Refugee Affairs, Saleh Gharib, through the town of Qabr Shmoun.

Different political parties disagree about which judicial body should investigate the case, which prompted Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, to refrain from calling for a meeting for the council of ministers.

Hariri believed that, holding a government meeting before reaching a solution to the incident would further escalate tensions between different political parties.

Source: Nam News Network