Maneuver in Kfar Falous to respond to chemical wars under Health Minister’s patronage

A maneuver was held on Tuesday in Kfar Falous on the means to respond to a chemical war, with the participation of more than 932 people, under the auspices of Minister of Public Health Dr. Jamil Jabak.

“After Lebanon inked the 2010 International Health Regulations, the Ministry of Public Health, in collaboration with the World Health Organization, began work on a health plan to combat biological, chemical, and radiological threats,” Jabak said.

At onset of the Syrian crisis and the reported use of chemical weapons, Lebanon’s Ministry of Health began in 2012-2013 intensive training of hospitals on ways to cooperate with potential chemical injuries.

“In 2015, the Ministry of Public Health began to develop medical teams to combat biological and radiological threats in all Lebanese regions, with more than 230 emergency doctors and nurses trained in government and private hospitals, military doctors, civil defense, the Red Cross and NGOs,” the Health Minister explained.

“In February this year, the Ministry of Health continued its training in the southern and Nabatieh governorates, with more than 150 trained people. Today’s maneuver involves all trained teams; it’s the first of its kind in Lebanon,” Jabak added.

He finally thanked the World Health Organization, the army, military forces, the air force, civil-military cooperation, government and private hospitals in the southern and Nabatieh governorates, as well as security forces, Rafic Hariri University Hospital, the Civil Defense, the Red Cross, and the Islamic Health Authority for their cooperation.

Source: National News Agency