Mouawad says he will name Nawwaf Salam for Premiership

“Independence Movement” Head, MP Michel Mouawad, announced in a statement Saturday that he will be naming Ambassador Nawwaf Salam to head the next government during the binding parliamentary consultations called for by His Excellency President Michel Aoun on Monday.

“Based on my conviction, the prelude to Lebanon’s rescue begins with forming a government that is able to restore confidence, reconciliation and reform,” he said.

“With full respect for Engineer Samir al-Khatib, who does not bear any personal responsibility for what is going on, it is clearly evident that his name does not meet the required popular support, and will not secure the necessary positive shock neither to the Lebanese street nor to the financial and economic markets,” Mouawad explained.

“Hence, he will not be able to reconcile the Lebanese with their institutions, a necessary prerequisite for restoring confidence and social stability,” he added.

Mouawad considered that the “soon-to-be-formed” cabinet currently under political deliberation constitutes a faded version of the previous government, and therefore will not be capable of carrying out any reform and rescue operations, nor will it be able to reconcile Lebanon with the Arab and international community in order to ask them to contribute to the required rescue process.

He, thus, concluded by reiterating the need for forming a mini-government of specialists who will restore the confidence of the Lebanese in their constitutional institutions and have the support of political forces on the basis of solid national understanding, in addition to reconciling Lebanon with the Arab and international societies.

Source: National News Agency