President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, asserted that the message which he sent to the Parliament, yesterday, through the Parliament Speaker, on the subject of forensic audit in Central Bank accounts is “Completely independent of political disputes and conflicts, whether formal or profound, because its goal is to address a great national tragedy, since without solving the problem of forensic audit it is impossible to agree neither with the countries willing to help Lebanon, nor with the International Monetary Fund, or similar financial institutions”.


President Aoun’s stances came while meeting the Justice Minister in the Caretaker Government, Maria-Claude Najem, today at the Presidential Palace.


During the meeting, the President stated that the issue of forensic audit is a national cause par excellence and it is the best way out of the crisis which we are living. The President also called on the media to understand this fact and respond to the successive calls which he addressed, most recent of which was the independence speech, in order to deal with this sensitive file with a sense responsibility imposed by the supreme national interest.


In addition, Minister Najem deliberated, with President Aoun, the conditions of her Ministry and the need to work on achieving forensic audit through  all available methods, to reach the desired goal.

Source: National News Agency

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