Minister of Information, Melhem Riachy, maintained, in an interview with VDL radio station on Monday, that journalists and the freedom of press in Lebanon must be protected.

“I don’t believe that freedoms will recede as long as we are here; however, there are attempts to suppress freedoms,” he said, adding that he had contacted TV hosts Marcel Ghanem and Hisham Haddad to voice solidarity with them.

Furthermore, Riachy said that the new structure of the Information Ministry and the Tele Liban dossier were now within the hands of the premiership’s secretariat, adding that somebody is obstructing his work in the Ministry.

“I determine the time to reveal their names,” he stressed.

He also urged the President of the republic and the Prime Minister to include Tele Liban dossier on the next Cabinet session’s agenda.

Source: National News Agency