President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, expressed Lebanon’s gratitude for the support provided by the International Monetary Fund to help overcome the difficult economic conditions.


The President received the representative of Lebanon and the Arab group on the board of directors of the International Monetary Fund, Dr. Mohamed Mohieldin, today at Baabda Palace.




President Aoun stressed that, after the formation of the new government, “Lebanon will implement an economic revival plan which includes legislative reforms that achieve transparency, in addition to adopting a fair and equitable distribution of losses, with the aim of restoring revival of the national economy”.




In addition, President Aoun welcomed the support provided by the International Monetary Fund, thanking Dr. Mohieldin for the IMF’s keenness to provide assistance to Lebanon in several areas to revitalize the economy by updating the financial recovery plan in light of the developments that occurred after the explosion of the Port of Beirut.




For his part, Dr. Mohieldin had informed President Aoun that the International Monetary Fund would allocate to Lebanon an amount of 860 million US dollars within an integrated program of Special Drawing Rights amounting to 650 billion dollars distributed to 190 countries during the next two months. —-Presidency Press Office


Source: National News Agency

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