NNA – President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, addressed event developments on the occupied territories, in light of continuous Israeli attacks which began few days ago in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, followed by the targeting of Al-Aqsa Mosque. The President called on the international community to intervene and prevent Israel from continuing its aggressions, reaffirming that “There is no peace without justice, and no justice without respecting rights”.

In addition, President Aoun saluted the steadfastness of the Palestinian people, considering that “The tyranny of the principle of force, displacement and deprivation of rights will only lead to more violence and persistence in injustice and violation of international laws and decisions related to the Palestinian right to establish an independent state, with Jerusalem as its capital”.

Letter from Ismail Haniyeh:

The President received a letter from Head of the Political Bureau in the Movement of Islamic Resistance “HAMAS”, Dr. Ismail Haniyeh, in which he was briefed about the latest security developments, in light of continuous Israeli attacks, especially after the events of Bab El-Amoud and Sheikh Jarrah, followed by the profanation and abuse of the blessed Aqsa Mosque, its squares and those in it.

Haniyeh also asked President Aoun to urgently move and “Take a firm stance against aggressions and crimes, and to work to mobilize political and diplomatic positions on Arab, Islamic and international levels to prevent the Israeli occupation from continuing barbaric aggressions against the Palestinians, their land and holy sites in the occupied Jerusalem and Blessed Aqsa”.

Moreover, Haniyeh stated that “Masses of out Palestinian people in the occupied Jerusalem, which have paved the path of steadfastness and patience for more than 50 years in defense of land and sanctities on behalf of the entire Arab and Islamic nation, will not stop in this path and will continue their march until liberation, return and establishment of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital”.

Displaced Minister:

President Aoun met Displaced Minister, Mrs. Ghada Shreim, today at the Presidential Palace, and deliberated with her general affairs.

The work of the Displaced Ministry, in light of the measures taken to end the file of the displaced, were also tackled.



MP Traboulsi:

The President received MP Adnan Traboulsi, and addressed with him general affairs and recent political and governmental developments.

MP Traboulsi called for speeding up in the government file, in accordance with constitutional principles and rules, “Since any delay will result in people paying the price. The solution lies in cooperation between all those involved in forming the government, in order to reach a rescue solution, which is now an important and national demand”.

“I felt the will of His Excellency to emerge the current crisis. He is working in this direction and his hand is outstretched to cooperate with everyone to save Lebanon” Traboulsi said.

MP Traboulsi also stated that the meeting tackled social affairs, “Which the President pays full attention to ending the suffering of the Lebanese”.

“The need to activate productive economy rather than rentier economy, which resulted in the current deterioration, was also discussed. In this context, the President assured me that he seeks to support agricultural and industrial sectors and provide necessary facilities for them, because they constitute a lever for national economy” MP Traboulsi added.

On the issue of subsidies, Traboulsi said “This is a delicate issue, and it needs an integrated and comprehensive national treatment, and not separate measures and procedures which do not achieve desired results”.

“Cooperation between various ministries, departments and agencies is essential so that subsidies do not go to those who do not deserve it” MP Traboulsi concluded. —Presidency Press Office



Source: National News Agency-Lebanon

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