Recent rainfall raises long-term average to 60.1%

Amman: The annual long-term average rainfall until Saturday morning has increased to 60.1% of the long-term average of approximately 8.1 billion cubic meters per year, the Ministry of Water and Irrigation – Jordan Valley Authority announced Saturday evening.

The Ministry explained that the percentage of rainfall to the long-term annual average on the same date last year was 39.7%.

According to a ministry statement, the amount of rainwater that entered the dams during the past 48 hours reached approximately 2.250 million cubic meters by Saturday morning, raising the total storage in the main dams to 121 million cubic meters, representing a total storage capacity of 42% of their total storage capacity of 288.128 million cubic meters.

The Ministry clarified that the highest rainfall amount recorded in Bayader Wadi Al-Sir during the past 24 hours was 14.8 mm, while the rainfall during the past 24 hours covered most parts of the Kingdom.

Source: Jordan News Agency