Italy grants Euros 1 million to UNICEF to strengthen the Lebanese WASH sector

In a joint press release by the Italian Embassy and UNICEF, it said: “The Government of Italy reaffirmed its commitment to the most vulnerable children living in Lebanon by contributing 1 million euros to UNICEF’s Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) programme in Lebanon.

The announcement was made during the signature of the agreement by Ambassador of Italy, Massimo Marotti, and UNICEF’s Representative, Tanya Chapuisat. The Director of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation in Beirut, Donatella Procesi, also attended the event.

Ambassador Marotti highlighted the importance of the UNICEF services in Lebanon and said: “Italy recognizes the enormous efforts of the Lebanese Government to host vulnerable refugees and will continue to support its endeavours. With the agreement we signed today, Italy confirms its commitment to sustain the efforts of UNICEF in Lebanon, aimed at ensuring the access to clean water and contain the spread of diseases related to hygienic conditions. The vulnerable people are at the centre of the Italian aid policy”.

The new contribution ensures access to safe drinking water and healthy environments. The continuity of temporary WASH services in Informal Settlements is crucial to avoiding water-related communicable disease outbreaks amongst refugees and neighbouring communities, and to mitigating the impact of Informal Settlements on the environment.

“We appreciate the significant contribution from the Italian Government, which aims to strengthen the WASH sector,” said Tanya Chapuisat, UNICEF Representative to Lebanon. “Together, we can ensure access to safe water for the most vulnerable children and their families and particularly those in the hard to reach areas.”

Source: National News Agency