Kataeb leader welcomes French parliamentary delegation, pushes for implementation of international resolutions

Kataeb Party leader, Sami Gemayel, on Wednesday welcomed a French parliamentary delegation from the French Parliament’s Support Group for the Christians of Middle East.

In the wake of the meeting, Gemyel welcomed the French delegation and voiced appreciation to group, which has been endeavoring to consolidate Lebanese-French friendship ties.

The Kataeb Party leader requested of his visitors to convey the details of the prevailing situation in Lebanon to the French Parliament “for more French support and to help defend Lebanon’s sovereignty and independence, especially given the role that Paris could play in pushing for the implementation of international resolutions.”

French MP, Gwendal Rouillard, said that the group’s visit came to support the Christians of the Middle East, and the Lebanese in general.

“The visit had been an opportunity to exchange views with MP Sami Gemayel.(…) We have common interests, the most important of which is building a genuine state of law, which is a challenge for Lebanon. We also aim at combating corruption and following up on the struggle for the sovereignty and independence of Lebanon,” the French MP said.

“France encourages dialogue among the various Lebanese parties, and it adheres to international laws, especially the disarmament of militias,” he added.

Source: National News Agency