Bassil inaugurates “Active Diplomacy” workshop for honorary consuls: You must make Lebanon your top priority

Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Minister, Gebran Bassil, on Monday inaugurated a workshop for Honorary Consuls in Lebanon, entitled “Active Diplomacy”, at the National Institute of Administration in Baabda, in presence of ambassadors, heads of missions, diplomats, Chairman of the institute, George Labaki, Director General of the institute, Jamal Al-Monjed, economic attaches, honorary consuls, and other dignitaries.

“This is a new activity that we have kicked off at the Foreign Ministry, which is to gather honorary consuls in a full-day workshop because they are part of the Lebanese diplomatic corps, Bassil said, deeming Honorary Consuls an integral part of the diplomatic family.

“Today, there are honorary consuls and new diplomats who will join us this month, in addition to the last batch that joined us last month, along with economic attaches, current directors, ambassadors, diplomats, and central administration � all with the aim to have one work program and one work concept, Bassil explained.

The Honorary Consul in Lebanon is like any other. He has no salary and no official post in the administration, but he has duties towards the people and the state, the Minister said.

As honorary consuls, you have to establish privileged relations with the adopted state, of course, within the framework of respect and full implementation of its laws, as is the case with ambassadors and diplomats, and comply with all the demands of these countries and deal with their diplomatic staff, Bassil noted.

It can be said that the honorary consul’s work does not end, there is nationality, economy, consular services, elections and all that the ambassador can do. He has to serve Lebanon and make it his top priority, He maintained.

As for the economy, I am happy to announce 20 economic attaches with us today, who will assume their roles starting tomorrow. I have talked to them a lot and experience will teach them more. In this framework, I would like to point out that it is possible for an honorary consul, who is an economic attache, to encourage investment in Lebanon and to work with the Lebanese abroad and provide them with employment opportunities. They can also market products, companies, and goods, the Minister said.

Source: National News Agency