The Korean contingent to UNIFIL invited past participants of the Korea Visiting Program and members of the Korea-Lebanon Friendship Association to the unit’s ‘Homecoming Day’ Event to solidify the friendly relation between Korea and Lebanon.

In a press release, it said: ” Since 2008, 333 Lebanese figures from the military, social, and governmental fields have participated in the Korea Visiting Programs, by a joint effort from the Korean contingent to UNIFIL and the Korean embassy in Lebanon, to learn lessons from Korea’s development history and to experience Korean culture. The 17th and latest trip of the program visited Korea from December 6th to December 13th.

The event, show-hosted by the president of KLM (Korea Lebanon MashAllah, the Korean contingent’s support group) and the unit’s civil officer Captain SHIN Jong Yong, started with the Korea and Lebanese national anthems, and members of both countries shared emotional bonds through cultural performances such as the Korean traditional drum, and Lebanese traditional dance performances. In a luncheon that followed, a video produced by the unit commemorating the Korea Visiting Programs and the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics promotional video were screened, and the past participants had a moment to reminisce about their trips to Korea.”

Release added: “Commander of the Korean contingent to UNIFIL, Colonel JIN Chul Ho presented the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics mascot dolls, in an effort to promote the international event hosted by Korea, and memorial books containing the activities of the contingent for its 10 years of deployment to everyone present in the event.

The guests were touched by the memorial book, which encapsulates the 10 years of the Korean contingent’s deployment and the friendship between the unit and the guests in those 10 years. The memorial book explained why the Korean contingent is praised as the “role model of deployed units” amongst UNIFIL units, consisting of 41 countries, with photos highlighting agile and alert soldiers, the unit’s love and care towards the locals, and the endless efforts put into CIMIC operations.”

Release went on to say: ” The mayor of Tyre, Hassan Dbouk, who participated in the 15th trip of the program, commented, “The Korean contingent, which operates within the area of Tyre, is an unparalleled unit that has carried out countless operations successfully for the past 10 years, and no other UN contingent or unit is matched in the praise that it receives.” He also went on to add, “We will provide support and encouragement to the contingent in the hopes that it fulfills its mission successfully.”

For his part, Colonel JIN Chul Ho, who supervised the event said, “The participants of the Korea Visiting Programs continue to maintain friendly relations with the Korean contingent even after returning from their trips and contribute to promoting Korea to the Lebanese local population”. “The event became an opportunity through which the Korean contingent, which holds the longest deployment record in the history of the Korean Armed Forces, forms the foundation to fulfill its mission for the next 10 years to come.”

Source: National News Agency