The President of the Council of Ministers Saad Hariri chaired this afternoon a meeting of the Future parliamentary bloc at the Center House. At the end of the meeting, the bloc issued a statement read by MP Ammar Houry:

First: The importance of the meeting of the three presidents

The bloc expressed its satisfaction with the meeting called for by President Michel Aoun with the Speaker and the Prime Minister at the Presidential Palace today. This meeting is a step in the right direction to address the political differences and keep the campaigns under the ceiling of dialogue and the work of the constitutional institutions with full commitment to the Taef Accord. The bloc praised the positive atmosphere that prevailed in the meeting and ended a passing period of political and media tension. This would reflect positively on the work of the institutions, defuse tension in the street, enhance stability and open the way for continuing the efforts for the success of the international conferences for Lebanon.

This meeting is of particular importance in light of the recent Israeli threats regarding the Lebanese economic zone, the blocks situated within it, the construction of the Israeli wall and Israel’s aggression on the southern border of Lebanon.

The Future bloc adheres to Lebanon’s absolute right to sign the exploration and extraction agreement for Block 9, which is an inseparable part of Lebanon’s exclusive economic zone, especially since Lebanon informed the United Nations about the borders of its exclusive economic zone a long time ago according to the rules.

The bloc considers that the words of the Israeli minister aim to intimidate, control, and dominate Lebanon and this is totally rejected by the Lebanese people and government.

In this regard, the Future bloc stands firmly by the Lebanese state to confront the allegations and threats of the Israeli government. The bloc is fully confident that the Lebanese government will spare no effort to preserve and defend Lebanon’s rights, natural resources and sovereignty.

Second: The importance of opening the door of candidacies for the parliamentary elections

The bloc discussed the start of the candidacy registration for the parliamentary elections set for May 6, which should launch the democratic race for the parliamentary elections that will take place according to the new law and which should renew the democratic and political life in the Lebanese parliament and activate it.

The bloc stressed its support to Prime Minister Saad Hariri in completing the consultations that will draw a full picture of the electoral alliances and the lists through which the Future Movement will run the elections.

In this regard, the bloc praised the role played by the Ministry of Interior to complete the parliamentary elections on time.

Third: The importance of the honorable position of Kuwait, the Netherlands and Belgium in supporting UNRWA

The bloc strongly hails the position of the state of Kuwait, and the stances of the Dutch and Belgian government through the Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Sigrid Kaag and the Belgian Minister to enhance their donations and increase their support for UNRWA despite the decision taken by US President Donald Trump to reduce UNRWA financial aid.

The position of Dutch Minister Sigrid Kaag, who is respected and appreciated by the Lebanese for her role during her tenure as the UN Special coordinator for Lebanon, is a honorable position and deserves praise, support and encouragement due to the fierce and programmed campaign launched against her by the Zionist forces and organizations in the world.

The bloc also praises the position of the Belgian government that responded to Trump’s decision by donating an additional amount to UNRWA.

The support of UNRWA expresses the commitment of the international community to its responsibility for the Nakba of the Palestinians that caused them to flee their homeland, until they return.

The Future bloc calls on the Arab states to follow the honorable national position of the state of Kuwait in increasing the financial assistance to UNRWA. The bloc also appreciates the honorable position of the Netherlands, Belgium and the European Union that stood by justice and by the oppressed Palestinian people in the face of the Israeli arrogance and the blatant US bias to Israel.

Fourth: Condolences for Khaled Khalil

The bloc extends its heartfelt condolences to the family of the martyr of the military institution, the son of Meshmesh town in Akkar, Khaled Khalil, and wishes speedy recovery to the wounded officers and soldiers. In this regard, the bloc stresses its support for the Lebanese army and all the military and security forces in confronting terrorism and enhancing stability in Lebanon.

Source: National News Agency