The Minister of Education Announces Iraq’s Accession To A Global Council For Excellence in Scientific Research

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Naeem Al-Aboudi, announced today, Tuesday, that Iraq has joined the Council of the Global Center for Excellence in Scientific Research.

A statement from the ministry stated, “Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Chairman of the Atomic Energy Authority, Naeem Al-Aboudi, opened the first international conference on synchrotron applications and modern technologies in scientific research.”

Al-Aboudi stressed that “Iraq’s official accession to the Council of the Global Center for Excellence in Scientific Research (SESAME) opened the way for Iraqi researchers to accomplish advanced scientific research and publish in international journals with a high impact factor and a direct impact on the academic reputation of universities and their global classification.”

He added, “The interaction of Iraqi scientific institutions and centers and positive cooperation with the Atomic Energy Commission and their keenness on scientific and technological progress will give great impetus to the ambition to improve the quality of studies, researchers, and results that will serve the requirements of development.”

During the opening of the conference, which was held by the College of Science at Al-Nahrain university in cooperation with the Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission, speeches were delivered by the President of Al-Nahrain University and the Dean of the College of Science, in addition to a scientific session presented by Arab and foreign researchers, and a number of presentations on scientific technologies and capabilities presented by specialists in the Council of the International Center for excellence in scientific research./End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency