UNIFIL Opens Probe Into Rocket Fire Exchange Between Lebanon, Israel

BEIRUT, The UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), yesterday announced the launch of an investigation, into the exchange of rocket fire between Lebanon and Israel.

The announcement, by Kandice Ardiel, UNIFIL’s deputy chief of strategic communications and public information, came, after two rockets were launched at Israel from southern Lebanon, last night, triggering an Israeli response with artillery fire into Lebanon.

“Our liaison and coordination mechanisms are fully engaged. Together with the Lebanese Armed Forces, we have increased security in the area and have launched an investigation,” Ardiel said.

The UNIFIL is in direct contact with the Lebanese and Israeli parties, to avoid further escalation on the border, she added.

Israel fought a war against the Lebanese Hezbollah in Jul, 2006, but the border has been mostly quiet since then.

Source: NAM News Network