The Zaki Nassif Program for Music ‘Remembering and Discovering’ presented a classical music program titled ‘Daughters of This Aged Stream’ – a concert celebrating the history of music from the middle-ages until the present time through the lens of duets sung by soprano Louisa El Khoury and contralto Natasha Nassar accompanied by pianist Olga Bolun on harpsichord and piano.

As the brainchild of the contralto Natasha Nassar, the program was marked with historical musical accuracy, uniqueness, and comprehensive research. Under the patronage of The Zaki Nassif Program for Music, the concert was held in the presence of distinguished political, cultural, social and media guests.

The concert consisted of operatic works and songs on a journey through time beginning with two pieces from the year 1190 until the present time. Distinguished singing was performed by combining two female voices into one: the highest operatic singing voice of a soprano along with the rarest lowest operatic voice of a contralto.

The evening was a magical experience in the full meaning of the word.

“I want to congratulate Louisa and Natasha for their concert. Tackling a repertoire which covers songs from the middle-ages to the 20th century was very courageous. They have both been blessed with beautiful voices and I wish them all the success in their long artistic road ahead.” —-Harout Fazlian

Principal Conductor of the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra

‘This evening was not only a musical evening but also a therapeutic one. We all need such dignified and purposeful events. The selection of the songs was amazing, the voices of the soprano and the contralto were extremely refined, beautiful and of world class caliber. They paid homage to the music with credibility.’ —-

André Hajj

Primary Conductor of The Lebanese National Oriental Orchestra at The Lebanese National Conservatory

‘A sublime vocal marriage between two voices in perfect harmony with each other. The beauty of the voices and their timbres was remarkable. Incredible presence, robust technique; an eclectic and well researched historical program.’ —-

Walid Mousallem

Former Director of the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music

‘An extraordinary musical evening of the highest quality. A program that goes beyond the norm. A pianist in perfect harmony with the two: a soprano and a contralto whose voices blended wonderfully-the contralto was exceptional.’

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon