“Lebanese Forces” party leader, Samir Geagea, on Wednesday met at the party’s headquarters in Maarab United Nations Special Coordinator, Joanna Wronecka.

After broaching political developments in Lebanon and the region, Wronecka briefed Geagea on the interest of member states in the Lebanese issue, and their agreement on the substantial need to rescue Lebanon out of the prevailing impasse.

For his part, Geagea addressed the international community and called on it to support Lebanon and accompany it in the upcoming presidential election and to press for its accomplishment within its constitutional deadline.

“A major opportunity presents itself today to elect a sovereign reformist president that could help Lebanon out of its crisis. The other option is the election of a settlement president or a president who represents March 8 team, which would be a renewal of the crisis, and even aggravation of it, which would hinder the progress of the country and the region towards stability and prosperity,” Geagea explained.

Moreover, the LF Chief reiterated the need to form an international fact-finding committee to uncover the truth behind Beirut Port explosion.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon