Lebanon’s Army Chief Calls On Soldiers To Remain Loyal To Country Amid Current Challenges

Lebanon’s Armed Forces Commander, Joseph Aoun, yesterday called on Lebanese soldiers to remain loyal to their country regardless of daunting challenges.

“Remain as I have known you, no matter how grave the difficulties, strong men true to your oath, loyal to your country,” Aoun addressed soldiers, on the occasion of Lebanon’s Independence Day, which falls on Monday, Nov 22.

Confronting Israel on the southern borders, chasing down terrorist cells and eliminating them, being deployed on the northern and eastern borders, to counter smuggling operations, coupled with the complexity of your tasks of maintaining security at home, and contributing to the security of lives and the development of society, have all consolidated the foundations of independence, he said.

Lebanon’s military institution has been facing serious challenges, amid the current financial collapse in the country.–

Source: Nam News Network